Employees Provident Fund Management:

  • Obtaining Code Number under the Employee Provident Fund Act, 1952
  • Maintaining the Eligibility Register & Allocating P.F. account numbers and UAN No. to new employees of the Company.
  • Filling the challan of contributions through EPFO Portal and passing onto organization for onward delivery for monthly payment.
  • Preparation of the transfers with the previous Employers / Trusts / RPFC of the employees joining organization.
  • Handling of withdrawals of the fund on resignation of the employees.
  • Assisting the organization in getting the Inspection completed, if required.
  • Advising the management in response to notices/correspondence received from EPF office.
  • Uploading KYC documents of all employees who have received their UAN No.

Management of ESI Activities:

  • To collect the declaration form from you and apply for ESIC Insurance number for the new joiners of your organization.
  • To collect the Temporary ESIC Slip for the above & handover to your organization.
  • To finally collect the ESIC cards for against the temp slips and handover to your organization.
  • To collect the salary sheet from your office and figure out the monthly contribution to be deposited with the State Bank of India on or before 15th of every month.
  • To advise in case any accident is reported to send report, if any.
  • To update Contribution register, Accident register, Inspection book, etc.
  • To assist the management in getting the Inspection completed by the ESIC Inspector.
  • Miscellaneous activities such as change of dispensary in case of change of address of employee, change of local office in case the new joiner is already a member and is registered with a different local office, addition and deletion of family members, etc.
  • To apply and to send communication follow up for out locations for sub code numbers as and when required.