The Corporates who realized the value of outsourcing turned to TSS from May'1996 because TSS provided innovative solutions besides adding value by keeping the Corporates informed about the deviation they have been making during processing of transactions. TSS has been serving corporates with a clear vision in mind to deliver consistently high value services. TSS is the First Company in India which offers services from the office of its clients when it matters to them.

Talent Management at TSS:

  • At TSS, we manage and develop our people in the right position who can gain the competitive advantage. These trained people match the workforce with the standings, which puts in their strength and ability. TSS endows with training programs to assist the employees navigate their careers.
  • Performance management is one of the important tools of talent management followed at TSSTSS's main concern of performance management is to reasonably rate the performance of its workforce. At TSS, we ask the employees to give their feedbacks on a regular basis. This helps TSS to identify the gap between the expected and actual performance of the employees.
  • TSS focuses on succession planning which is important for career development of its employees. By providing the talent with the growth and development opportunities, TSS induces and retains the talent in the corporation.

Working environment

We serve pioneering solutions to our clientele by providing highly talented people in a creative and collaborative working environment. It is this working environment that makes challenges rewarding and is one of the rationale, why TSS is a great place to work at.

We take pride in our success at:

  • Living by our core values which shapes and defines the culture of our company.

Investing in training and development sessions:

  • TSS believes that people are the assets of the organization. Therefore TSS hires the suitable people and helps them become the best.

Providing a supportive work environment:

  • With access to a vast range of resources, TSS helps every employee build his or her career.

We follow various HR Policies such as:

  • Employee Handbook: Here our objective is to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the Organization, its philosophy, culture, importance of confidentiality, people, policies and processes, etc. 
  • Information Security:  TSS is concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data regardless of the form the data may take: electronic, print, or other forms.
  • Confidentiality:
    • all associates in our organisation are bound by stringent integrity & confidentiality/non-disclosure clauses as part of their terms of employment
    • we understand the sensitivity of client’s information managed by us
    • as far as possible our client list excludes “competition”
  • Change Management: Our objective is to ensure all changes are assessed, approved, implemented and reviewed in a controlled manner.
  • Email writing: Users follow the operational procedures that are in force and the instructions of the Chief Facility Manager. Chief Facility Manager may withdraw right of access to their service in order to resolve operational problems or in case of failure to comply with these rules.
  • Recruitment & Retention: TSS is amply supported by its Team of dedicated Trained staff. At TSS, we hire and retain people who have had theoretical and practical experience in industry to offer the most suitable services.
  • Annual Day, Diwali, Wedding anniversary & Birthday celebrations: TSS continuously keeps on recognizing and rewarding the achievers. We have parties for Annual Day, Diwali, Wedding Anniversary and Birthdays.