HR Helpdesk Management

TSS HR Help Desk offers a single point of contact for both external and internal customers. It ensures consistency in the HR service delivery. Employees can take services although they are away from workplace (Retirees, Staff on leave etc). Inquiries can be captured and measured. This will bring imminent into HR clientele needs. In general we will be one more step forward in accomplishing our hallucination for service and superiority in HR.

HR Help Desk Scope of Services will solve HR Issues on Corporate Policy, Personnel Information, Employee Data, Employee Relations, Job Descriptions and Organizational Structure. HR Help Desk is dedicated to customer friendly, timely and effective services by being the most important and first point of contact for all HR customers Answering all calls; Resolving HR issues, Ensuring confidentiality and information security by applying necessary procedures to verify caller identity and lastly taking responsibility for issues/questions until they are resolved and providing feedback to HR customer.

HR Help Desk motto will be client satisfaction. As the HR Helpdesk states that, don't 'block' your query, call HR Helpdesk and get your queries answered.