TSS has imbibed the Values during the course of its journey:

  • Compliance
  • Cost
  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Confidentiality


  • TSS would not only comply with all statutory requirements but escalate deviation at the desired levels.
  • Whilst we change our processes & controls as per changing statues, we inform our clients about the changes in the legal scenario.


  • Cluster synergies to achieve economies of scale
  • Constantly look for process improvement
  • Opportunities to reduce cost per transaction


  • Facilitate spotting & implementing "out of the box ideas"
  • Provide information on "best practices" based on market intelligence


  • Full appreciation of all aspects of human resource function
  • Ability to understand customer needs
  • Ability to think through processes
  • Consistency of delivery


  • All associates in our organization are bound by stringent integrity, confidentiality, non-disclosure clauses as part of their terms of employment.
  • We understand the sensitivity of client's information managed by us
  • As far as possible our client list excludes "competition"