Outsourcing has become the elevated practice in companies that endeavor to simplify complicated business processes and choose to focus on key business objectives.

TSS offers Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Payroll outsourcing is a key service that TSS provides for companies who are looking for a trustworthy HR partner that can work collaboratively with them to manage their internal payroll operations. Depending on client organization's size, industry and budget, Total Sourcing Solutions can provide a solution which best suits client's need and meets the client's expectations.
  • By providing experts to run their HR processes, companies can now keep their focus on other strategic operations. TSS team of dedicated professionals is entirely compliant with the constantly changing labor/employment regulations and will ensure that your administrative matters are in trusted hands.

Processing of payroll:

  • We have a completely customized payroll engine on cloud, which helps us to process multiple clients at a time without any complexity. Payroll services include Reimbursements, F&F, Leave and attendance, Retiral Benefits and TDS also.
  • TSS produces quality MIS for Payroll which assists the client to know the actual cash outflow. This MIS begins with gathering the information from various data sources and ends on completion of Processing Payroll.

MIS helps the employer to:

  • Observe the actual cash out flow of the month under various heads.
  • Get in-depth information of the process.
  • Find a qualitative final product.