Leave & Attendance

Conception of an employee-specific calendar which identifies the accessibility of an member of staff by taking into account his / her current assignment(s), present shift, weekly offs, and holidays. We also maintain particulars in terms of modification of shifts due to personal, leave and attendance, late arrivals and so on provision for over-time processing and rule-based disbursement of overtime. This provides flexible time management that allows comprehensive scheduling with manifold shift patterns. Our features workflow enabled leave or vacation management and provides quick and easy application and authorization, and maintenance of leave balance.

TSS creates MIS for Leave and Attendance which helps the client to know the number of working days of employees & LWP marked for the Month. This MIS begins with gathering the information from various data sources and ends on completion of Leave and Attendance activity.

MIS helps the employer to:

  • Observe the actual number of working days of the employees and number of LWP marked by the employees.
  • Get in-depth information of the process.
  • Find a qualitative final product.